Sitesquad Prospectus

Established 2008 for Magento eCommerce


We develop and operate custom eCommerce stores based on Magento application software for merchants with big ambitions. Our services run the gamut of technical store management, encompassing design, engineering, development, support and delivery.

At a glance

Established 2008

Sitesquad was founded in 2008 and within a year became solely focused on providing the essential support and development services needed on a day-to-day basis by eCommerce merchants running Magento. By 2010, Sitesquad was providing holistic development and hosting services under the reality that Magento truly warrants holistic management with craftsmanship on both fronts.

All Magento, all the time

Our services revolve around Magento eCommerce software, a deep product that warrants commitment on all fronts. We've been solely focused on Magento since 2009 and we've never wavered amid all other emerging technologies.

What we do well

Our core competencies for eCommerce stores:

Made in the USA, only

Offshoring is ubiquitous in eCommerce. Merchants hire U.S. but end up with troubled stores outsourced under inadequate oversight. We don't outsource our work, let alone offshore it. Our development team is centered in Milwaukee, and we have other home offices in Pittsburgh and Phoenix.

Clientele: Ambitious merchants

Our target market is merchants with big ambitions. Magento is not suitable for dabbling in eCommerce. You run Magento software because you believe you have a $1 million plus opportunity that could grow to $5 million, $10 million, $20 million and beyond.

Our clients represent:

Flagship accounts

Among the ambitious clients we work with:

What we value

Engineering. Simply, the act of working artfully to bring something about. We're astounded by the lack of engineering (read: craftsmanship) that goes into eCommerce store development and evolution. We value opportunities to truly engineer how things should come together.

New Stores & DevOps Trials

Contact Todd Simmons at (888) 865-8933, ext. 700 to talk about building a custom eCommerce store with Magento or about trials of our DevOps services for an existing Magento store.