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We understand the realities of eCommerce margins. You understand the economics of hiring full-time developers and systems engineers. Our pricing is where we meet in the middle. This page covers pricing details for our DevOps, Pronghorn Hosting, New Magento eCommerce and Sitesquad UX services.

Sitesquad DevOps: The Flagship.

Sitesquad DevOps are the professional services you buy from us for monthly support and development. Your fees include variable support and development subject to your demand and fixed-monthly fees for the management of your development operations and servers on AWS.

DevOps Professional Services: $120 - $150 / hour
Day-to-day Magento store support for troubleshooting, consulting and maintenance is executed under retainers. Retainer options abound. You specify a retainer based on your anticipated demand down to a single hour for application support. Rates range between $120 and $150 per hour, hinging on retainer size. Development for new store features is spec'd and quoted as fixed-price projects.

AWS DevOps Management: $299 / mo. + AWS fees
AWS DevOps management is the setup and administration of your development and staging servers on AWS. This is a fixed-monthly fee. You pay AWS directly for the AWS servers allocated for your development needs. Typical stores usually incur AWS fees in the $100-$200 range for development and staging servers.

Sitesquad Pronghorn

Sitesquad Pronghorn is the engineering and management of production hosting on AWS. You pay a fixed monthly fee for Pronghorn management plus your AWS services fees. Pronghorn fees are based on the complexity of your AWS setup, starting at just $299 for single-server setups. AWS service fees are billed directly to you from your own Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account without markup from us. Our clients typically encounter AWS fees ranging from $200 to $1000 per month. The formula, again, is Pronghorn management + AWS service fee.

AWS Setups and applicable Pronghorn fees:

DevOps + Pronghorn Examples
Sitsquad DevOps and Sitesquad Pronghorn are always custom-configured and quoted services, but here are some common pricing scenarios we encounter.

Sitesquad eCommerce with Magento

Magento is truly a wordly platform. eCommerce stores are built with the software on the cheap (literally) and for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Merchants have the option to choose the free, open source Community Edition version or buy annual licenses of the commercial Enterprise Edition starting at about $20,000. Our business is tailored for $20,000 to $100,000 projects with either version — Community Edition or Enterprise Edition. We specialize in simple to moderately complex projects.

Sitesquad UX

Sitesquad UX projects range between $10,000 and $60,000.

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