Sitesquad Audit Engagements

First step in your Magento turnaround

Magento health audit

Core code, extensions, error logs, catalog setup, hosting and more

Sitesquad Audit Engagements are the first step in Magento turnarounds. We assess Magento store development, configurations, errors and sub-systems to develop a holistic state of health. These are ideal engagements for skeptical merchants who want to measure our mettle before making any big commitments to a new partner.

Focus areas, include:

Core Consistency Check

First rule of thumb is never to tamper with Magento core code for customization. We'll determine whether customizations have been properly abstracted.


Magento is a beast to configure with all its features and systems settings. We'll assess the key configurations to make sure your store is not challenged on basic levels.


Magento hosting is a craft. We'll analyze whether you have too much or too little hardware, and if your Web server software stack is configured optimally for Magento.


Hosting companies misrepresent security. Security, ultimately, comes back to how merchants utilize and manage their infrastructure and assets. We'll flag critical concerns in this area.

User Experience

eCommerce ambitions can go down the drain quickly in front-end quagmires. The user experience may look well on the surface, but analytics can tell a different story.

Error Logs

These are often filled with gems. We'll review your logs to see if there are any obvious conflicts lending to systemic issues.

Who do we help?

Merchants struggling with Magento. Typically, however, Magento is not their problem. It's the implementation. Here's what we see, frequently:

  • Misconfigured, poorly built and unfinished themes
  • Poorly configured store catalogs (category glut)
  • Misunderstood workflows and procedures
  • Incomplete store setups, integrations and customizations
  • Extension glut, hacks and conflicts
  • Under-configured server software
  • Under- and over-subscribed hardware

We've carved out a niche in extracting Magento merchants out of quagmires. There's no black magic to this. It's experience and the wherewithal to fix and improve stores, holistically. Our Sitesquad Audit Engagements are a great first step.

Audit List

Line items we'll cover

Core Consistency Check

Store Configurations

State of UX

Catalog Setup

Hardware Allocations

Server Software

Monitoring / Performance



Extensions / Add-ons


Site Search




User Access





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