Sitesquad DevOps

Development and Operations for Magento merchants

eCommerce development, support and hosting

Simpler, more effective single point of accountability

Sitesquad DevOps is an end-to-end application support, development and hosting service for ambitious merchants utilizing Magento. It unifies the key technical operations and responsibilities for running and managing Magento stores under one umbrella. In tandem with Sitesquad Pronghorn Hosting on AWS, merchants benefit from a holistic, unified services approach. Sitesquad DevOps is built for growing eCommerce merchants in the $1 million to $20 million range.

Magento Support

Day-to-day Magento ticket support for consulting, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Magento Development

Planning, management and execution of development for new store features, custom applications, releases and versions.

AWS Hosting

Engineering and administration of AWS hosting services for your eCommerce production and development hosting.


24/7 up-time monitoring, application performance monitoring, security and access controls, backups, version control.

Front-end UX

Design production and engineering for contemporary, Responsive UX development.


Multi-developer workflow and change management deployment procedures.

The ultimate benefits

Magento is all we do and it's been that way for nearly a decade. Helping merchants improve how they develop and run their Magento stores is our business. You can benefit from our Magento mileage and all that it brings to the table.

  • Simplifies whole store management for smaller and emerging merchants
  • Deep Magento knowledge and comprehension
  • Day-to-day stewardship and support
  • Wherewithal to optimize and manage hosting systems
  • Cross-disciplinary technical expertise
  • Ability for deep-dive troubleshooting of tough problems
  • Fundamental programming and custom application development skills
  • Integration and API experiences
  • Contemporary and best-practices front-end design and UX
  • Sensibility of third-party extensions
  • Commitment to security and store governance
  • Agile planning and project management
  • Our adopted systems and tools like AWS, JIRA, New Relic, Git, GitHub and Foundation

DevOps highlights

Gamut of technical service and support

Service Desk



Emergency Response









Front-end UX



Staging & Dev

Version Control

Master Source


Project Mmgt

More details

Pronghorn Hosting

Read about Sitesquad Pronghorn, the hosting component of Sitesquad DevOps. This is our AWS engineering and optimization service for reliable, scalable Magento delivery.

Start with an Audit

Sitesquad Audit Engagements can provide a quick state of health check on your Magento store and give you a chance to measure our mettle.

Pricing Breakdown

Your margins are tight, we understand. Our pricing is competitive with U.S. professionals of our kind. Check out our breakdown.