Sitesquad Pronghorn

Long-running, enduring hosting performance for Magento

Optimized Magento hosting on AWS

Scale on your own timeline

Magento hosting is a craft. Long-running, enduring performance comes from engineering the whole stack—Magento, server software and hardware—in concert. You cannot truly get the most out of Magento and its underlying systems without understanding the impact they have on one another. Sitesquad Pronghorn, in tandem with Sitesquad DevOps, is a holistic approach to exacting Magento performance through application, software and hardware optimizations.

AWS hosting

What could be any more practical than Amazon infrastructure for your eCommerce store? Load balancing. Auto scaling. High availability. Data warehousing. However modest your needs may be today, the capabilities with AWS are endless. You truly have the opportunity to scale on your own timeline.

Account independence

You own your AWS account. We are the architects and stewards. There are no markups on AWS fees and there is no vendor lock-in with us under long-term contracts. At any point, you have freedom to pursue other partners in the burgeoning AWS market without uprooting your store.

Fitted, not boxed

AWS cloud computing is modular and easier to change. You're not boxed into servers under contract with homogenized specifications that are difficult, if not impossible, to modify. Your infrastructure is truly fitted for what you need and more easily adaptable over time.

Whole stack support

Custom eCommerce stores hit bumps in the road as they evolve and grow. Problem solving on all fronts—application, server software and hardware—is often the only avenue to resolution. Traditional hosting companies are not whole stack partners who deal with all the pieces.

Pronghorn stack for optimization

This is where our Magento experiences shines. The applications we use to power Magento are not uncommon, but our deployments and configurations on AWS are more precisely tailored for your individual Magento store needs. We don't do this for hundreds of merchants so we take the time to do it purposely for you.

Our Pronghorn stack, includes:

  • Nginx: High-performance HTTP server known for high performance, stability and low resource consumption; useful for busy stores.
  • PHP-FPM: (FastCGI Process Manager: Alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with features useful for busy stores.
  • Zend OpCache: Speeds up PHP, optimizes PHP intermediate code and caches data and compiled code
  • Redis: A high-performance key-value data store used for back-end caching.
  • Percona MySQL Server: High-performance version of MySQL applied for more optimal store performance and management.

Pronghorn Highlights

Gamut of hosting features and support

Account Setup

EC2 Engineering


App Monitoring

Stack Optimization



Elastic Search

Access Control



Stack Updates

More details

Sitesquad DevOps

Read about Sitesquad DevOps, our unified development and operations service that brings our whole stack support to merchants using Magento.

Start with an Audit

Sitesquad Audit Engagements can provide a quick state of health check on your Magento application and what hosting optimizations your store may be lacking.

Pricing Breakdown

Pronghorn pricing is custom quoted, but we have a pricing sheet breakdown that'll give you a sense of how much Sitesquad DevOps and Pronghorn cost.