Sitesquad UX

Premium front-end UX productions for Magento

Responsive design and engineering for Magento

Custom productions and default theme implementations

Miniature Market Responsive Design and Mr. Beer Responsive Rebuild

Your user experience is the first thing that sets you up for eCommerce success or futility. Ambitions go down the drain quickly in front-end quagmires. Sitesquad Lionheart UX is a crusade to design and engineer better eCommerce user experiences borne out of our frustration with ill-conceived designs and poorly-constructed Magento themes. Sitesquad UX rights the many wrongs Magento merchants have endured in their front-end store productions.

No lemons!

Foremost, we use default Magento RWD for design production or execute our own custom Sitesquad builds. We do not use third-party themes which are mostly lemons. This is the first step in keeping you out of front-end quagmires.


Mobile leads in our custom designs and builds. Mobile never pans out as an afterthought to desktop design. Mobile-first centers you around the values that matter most to consumers, today, namely performance and simplicity.

Premium engineering.

We put real effort into design production. This is part-and-parcel to ensuring our custom builds are not lemons. It's impossible to build perfect front-ends across all devices, but best-practices and craftsmanship are key.


Post-production, it's important to manage your UX against unabated store changes which could sabotage its copacetic state. We help you calculate your moves and the impacts they may have on performance, engineering and user experience.

Attributes of a Sitesquad UX

  • Foundation responsive framework integration with Magento
  • Best-practices theming for Magento
  • Custom navigation design, prototyping and engineering
  • Custom engineering of complex service integratons
  • Page layout design and prototyping
  • Content and image optimization consulting
  • Sass compilation and CSS minification
  • Javascript library consolidation
  • UX performance benchmarking and monitoring

Sitesquad UX Showcase

Custom production and default RWD implementations

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Sitesquad DevOps

Read about Sitesquad DevOps, our unified development and operations service that brings our whole stack support to merchants using Magento.

Start with an Audit

Sitesquad Audit Engagements can provide a quick state of health check on your Magento application and what hosting optimizations your store may be lacking.

Pricing Breakdown

Pronghorn pricing is custom quoted, but we have a pricing sheet breakdown that'll give you a sense of how much Sitesquad DevOps and Pronghorn cost.